The team

Nadia Ait:

Nadia is the CEO and co-founder of Body Language Academy by Joe Navarro. In addition to her leadership role, she is a mentor on the Body Language Expert program.

She is trained and educated as a Behaviour Analyst and Elite Body Language Expert. She is a certified expert in evaluating truthfulness, credibility, emotional skills and competencies. By applying these competences in real life, Nadia has achieved entrepreneurial successes for her own companies and for other companies as a consultant. This required real-life application of skills in sales, leadership, communication, negotiation and emotional intelligence. Using her degrees in nonverbal communication, Nadia has trained people all over the globe – from some of the world’s learning companies to police officers and intelligent services across the globe.

In her professional life she has always worked in the people business and also  has extensive experience with management, investigative interviewing and statement analysis. Thanks to her multicultural background and years living and studying abroad, she has developed unique insights into the cultural diversity and differences in nonverbal communication.
David Stephens: 
David is one of Australia’s leading body language and nonverbal communications experts. With post-graduate level qualifications in Communication, Behavioural and Credibility Analysis, he is a partner and senior mentor for the Body Language Academy by Joe Navarro. David also works with and teaches emotional intelligence and decision making.

With years of experience working in the fields of national security and international relations, David has had the opportunity to develop and apply his skills in nonverbal communication and credibility analysis in a range of different situations. From meetings with leaders from around the world to leading high stakes negotiations on national security related issues with regional stakeholders, David has had the opportunity to use his skills in a wide variety of situations.