Joe Navarro

World-leading Body Language Expert is looking beyond the obvious. With 5 decades of real-life experiences, and 13,000+ interviews as a former FBI Special Agent, he is an award winning spy catcher and a best-selling author. Mr Navarro has the insights on what it takes to speed read people.
Ex FBI Special Agent

Joe spent 25 years at the FBI, working as both an agent and supervisor in the areas of counterintelligence and counterterrorism.
Joe has been involved in the biggest espionage case in the US history and is the recipient of the prestigeous spy award.

Bestselling author

Since 2009, Navarro has been a regular contributor to Psychology Today Magazine. He is also the author of 13 books. What Every Body is saying is Navarro’s best-known body language book, an international bestseller available in 27 languages.

Global speaker

Joe is recognised as one of the world’s foremost authorities on reading nonverbal communications and is regularly interviewed on television programs. As a public and professional speaker, Joe has worked with many corporate companies, politicians and students. For the past eight years Joe has also lectured at Harvard Business School.

Online educator

Joe will teach you the art and science behind nonverbal communication and share the secrets and insights he gained throughout his life-long career. You will be guided, challenged and rewarded throughout your learning journey, and at the end of the program you will receive a certificate personally signed by Joe Navarro.

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