Body Language Expert Program

Exclusive online training by world-leading Body Language Expert; Joe Navarro that will help you grow your interpersonal skills and mastery of body language to make you an exceptional communicator

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Tailored training
with personal mentorship

An in-depth customized program for those who prefer tailored training with personal mentorship, practical exercises, additional resources and an exclusive online meeting with Joe Navarro himself. Your mentor will guide you and give you feedback as you perfect nonverbal communication skills every step of the way. Online training 3-6 months to complete (5 hours study per week).

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Enhance your
communication skills

Learn how nonverbal communication can help you differentiate yourself from the rest — tap into what Joe Navarro teaches world-leading companies and governments around the world. If you are a business professional working in Sales, HR, Finance, Marketing, Communication, Forensics etc., this online training program is for you.

You will be able to directly apply your new skills in your private and professional life, including enabling better interpersonal and business skills.

  • Speed-read and decode body language at an expert level
  • Negotiate more effectively
  • Increase your sales potential
  • Enhanced your communication and presentation skills
  • Improved social and leadership skills
  • Increased awareness of your own body language
  • Increase the understanding of feelings, thoughts and intentions of others
  • Increased likability and ability to influence others
Your journey is divided into eleven learning paths that cover core concepts, areas of the body and specific contexts where you can apply your skills. Get an overview below.
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Nonverbal Basics

Learn the key rules for interpreting all nonverbal communication - lessons you will be able to put into practice immediately to improve how you communicate and interact with others. A particular focus in this learning path is understanding your own baseline and nonverbal communication signals.

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Limbic System

Learn the key behind interpreting all nonverbal communication - the limbic system - and how it will help you understand what the body is saying. Examine your own responses in situations where your limbic system takes over.

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Lower Body

Often overlooked, the lower body is full of nonverbal signals that can reveal true thoughts and intentions. This module will open your eyes to a whole new world of lower body language signals.

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Upper Body

Once you have learnt the secrets of interpreting what the upper body has to say, including the torso, arms and hands, you will never look at another person the same way again.

Man wearing a suit

The arms are always transmitting, but do you understand what they are really saying? This module will give you a whole new perspective on the nonverbal communication of the arms.

People in an audience folding hands

One of the busiest parts of the body, the hands and fingers are also one of the most active nonverbal communicators. Learn from Joe about what your hands are transmitting and be amazed at what others are giving away.

Woman's face

We look at each other every day, but do you really understand what the face is saying? This module will give you the skills and confidence to not just look, but see what every face is saying.

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Truth and Lies

Use your new skills to help determine credibility. Be guided by Joe Navarro as he educates you on the skills and pitfalls of determining whether someone is being truthful or lying to you, with opportunities to apply your new knowledge straight away and reflect on the outcomes as part of your studies.

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Interpersonal Relations

Whether in a romantic relationship or building general relationships and networks, this module will help you build skills and knowledge to excel in all areas of interpersonal interaction. Strengthen your own relationships in light of what you have learnt.

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Nonverbals in Business

What is the best greeting to use? Does my client like my pitch? How do I really sell myself and my business? Learn the nonverbal language of business and stand out from the crowd - be exceptional and help your business thrive. Conduct an examination of your own organizational nonverbals and how they can be improved.

Man in suit addressing two women in an office
Emotions in the Workplace

Emotions are what makes us human. But how do you deal with an out of control employee or an angry client? Learn how to recognize your own emotions and understand and manage the emotional nonverbals of others. Draw on your own examples and reflect on how you can use your new nonverbal communication skills to resolve conflicts in the workplace.

Flexible payment

We offer different payment options. Choose the option below that suits you best and begin your learning journey today.

Pay the total price up front and save 10%. Upon enrollment you will get access to the learning platform within 24 hours and you can start your learning journey when it’s convenient for you. You will get access to 11 learning paths, with a new learning path released every week.

Pay 12 installments of $325 ($3899 in total) to spread the cost over time. Upon enrollment you will get access to the first learning path within 24 hours. A new learning path will be released every 2nd or 4th week, depending on the payment plan you have chosen. Choose your preferred option when you enroll and your payments will automatically be deducted.

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