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Exclusive online training by world-leading Body Language Expert; Joe Navarro that will help you grow your interpersonal skills and mastery of body language to make you an exceptional communicator

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Tailored training
with personal mentorship

An in-depth program for those who prefer tailored training with a personal mentor, practical exercises, additional resources and a network of other graduates in the field. Test yourself with video analysis and quizzes each week and take the time to record your observations as you practise your new skills. The online training takes up to 3 months to complete (3-5 hours study per week).

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Enhance your
communication skills

Learn how nonverbal communication can help you differentiate yourself from the rest — tap into what Joe Navarro teaches world-leading companies and governments around the world. If you are a business professional working in Sales, HR, Finance, Marketing, Communication, Forensics etc., this online training program is for you.

You will be able to directly apply your new skills in your private and professional life, including enabling better interpersonal and business skills.

  • Speed-read and decode body language at an expert level
  • Negotiate more effectively
  • Increase your sales potential
  • Enhanced your communication and presentation skills
  • Improved social and leadership skills
  • Increased awareness of your own body language
  • Increase the understanding of feelings, thoughts and intentions of others
  • Increased likability and ability to influence others
Your journey is divided into eleven learning paths that cover core concepts, areas of the body and specific contexts where you can apply your skills. Get an overview below.
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Nonverbal Basics

Learn the key rules for interpreting all nonverbal communication - lessons you will be able to put into practice immediately to improve how you communicate and interact with others. A particular focus in this learning path is understanding your own baseline and nonverbal communication signals.

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Limbic System

Learn the key behind interpreting all nonverbal communication - the limbic system - and how it will help you understand what the body is saying. Examine your own responses in situations where your limbic system takes over.

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Lower Body

Often overlooked, the lower body is full of nonverbal signals that can reveal true thoughts and intentions. This module will open your eyes to a whole new world of lower body language signals.

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Upper Body

Once you have learnt the secrets of interpreting what the upper body has to say, including the torso, arms and hands, you will never look at another person the same way again.

Man wearing a suit

The arms are always transmitting, but do you understand what they are really saying? This module will give you a whole new perspective on the nonverbal communication of the arms.

People in an audience folding hands

One of the busiest parts of the body, the hands and fingers are also one of the most active nonverbal communicators. Learn from Joe about what your hands are transmitting and be amazed at what others are giving away.

Woman's face

We look at each other every day, but do you really understand what the face is saying? This module will give you the skills and confidence to not just look, but see what every face is saying.

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Truth and Lies

Use your new skills to help determine credibility. Be guided by Joe Navarro as he educates you on the skills and pitfalls of determining whether someone is being truthful or lying to you, with opportunities to apply your new knowledge straight away and reflect on the outcomes as part of your studies.

A guy and a women talking
Interpersonal Relations

Whether in a romantic relationship or building general relationships and networks, this module will help you build skills and knowledge to excel in all areas of interpersonal interaction. Strengthen your own relationships in light of what you have learnt.

Two men in suits shaking hands
Nonverbals in Business

What is the best greeting to use? Does my client like my pitch? How do I really sell myself and my business? Learn the nonverbal language of business and stand out from the crowd - be exceptional and help your business thrive. Conduct an examination of your own organizational nonverbals and how they can be improved.

Man in suit addressing two women in an office
Emotions in the Workplace

Emotions are what makes us human. But how do you deal with an out of control employee or an angry client? Learn how to recognize your own emotions and understand and manage the emotional nonverbals of others. Draw on your own examples and reflect on how you can use your new nonverbal communication skills to resolve conflicts in the workplace.

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Pay 12 installments of $325 ($3899 in total) to spread the cost over time. Upon enrollment you will get access to the first three learning paths within 24 hours. Three further learning paths will then be released after your 4th, 7th and 10th payments. Choose your preferred payment option (every 2 or 4 weeks) when you enroll and your payments will automatically be deducted.

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Learn body language at expert level

There are many self-proclaimed body language experts out there who claim to teach you the science of body language. Unfortunately, a lot of what they teach is neither correct nor based on science. They make unfounded claims about how you can detect deception, or that one type of behaviour always means a certain thing, without taking the context into account.

If you would like to learn from an expert, Body Language Academy by Joe Navarro is the place for you. Unlike any other body language institute or body language school, our training is based on the knowledge and real-life skills of a highly decorated former FBI agent: Joe Navarro.

Joe Navarro served as a Special Agent in the FBI for 25 years, where he also founded the elite behavioural analysis program. During his service he conducted over 13,000 interviews and catalogued human behaviors and nonverbal signals. Joe Navarro has trained other agents to become body language analysts as well. He has been a SWAT team leader and received awards for his ability to catch spies.

In addition, Joe has written 14 books. “What Every Body Is Saying” became a New York Times bestseller. He teaches at Harvard University and has coached global companies and heads of state from several countries. Joe is considered a world class expert on body language. If you’re going to learn about body language, why not learn from the best? With Joe Navarro’s many years of experience both in the field and with teaching, you couldn’t hope to find a better instructor.

How to study body language from home

At the Body Language Academy by Joe Navarro, you can study body language conveniently from your home via your preferred device. You don’t have to go to any specific place, or meet anyone at a specific time. At the Body Language Academy, you can take a body language class and receive expert advice from a former FBI Special Agent from home. You can take the whole body language course online, and the program is intentionally designed for online learning so that you don’t miss out on any information. All your progress is saved so that you can always pick up where you left.

The study of body language in a digital setting

Besides the convenience, other advantages of learning body language online are that you can re-watch videos, read all the material thoroughly at your own speed to get the depth you want, take tests and instantly receive a score telling you how well you do on the tests. You will have a personal mentor, and throughout the program will be given weekly assignments to test your skills in the field, which you will record in your personal reflection diary as part of the program.

We have different payment options, according to your budget and preferred pace. But no matter which option you choose, you will still get the full experience: Joe’s expertise, all the program material, and insights from your personal mentor.

Personalized Body Language Training with a mentor

The mentor that you will be assigned is a certified body language expert who is there to assist you on your journey. They will meet with you in person (virtually) at the beginning of the program and will be available to answer any questions you may have as you work through the program to make sure you get as much out of the program as possible.

At the Body Language Academy by Joe Navarro, the mentors are passionate about body language. We really want you to master this important skill, so the mentors are invested in your success, and want you to feel confident in your social skills. They take pride in their work and in their ability to help you to become exceptional at better understanding how you come across, learning to better read and understand others, and to take all your personal and professional interactions to the next level.

Learn how to read people’s body language

Knowing how to read body language is incredibly useful. Our emotions and intentions are expressed through the body, and they are very hard to fake. This means that body language signals are highly reliable and full of useful information. Body language can give you information about what the other person is thinking, feeling or intend to do. This knowledge can improve all your interactions — whether at work, with family members, with romantic partners or with anybody else.

Essentially, all people want to feel comfortable. You have the power to influence how other people feel, and to use that influence to create win-win situations. Being an expert at body language is really about improving one’s social skills and social awareness. To be able to detect other people’s wants and needs and respond in an appropriate way. To notice problems before they get out of hand; to see who people like and who they dislike. It even helps on dates and in intimate situations, when you want to get a feel for what another person enjoys as well as their level of comfort.

Body language and culture

Body language behaviors and gestures are specific to different cultures, however some behaviors may be seen across different cultures. Whatever your culture, however, we all rely on our bodies and faces to do the “talking”. Body language behaviors are deeply rooted in our brains and the way we interact with others. They help us survive. That’s why they are so instinctive: We can’t help but freeze when something scares us, turn away from things we dislike, or smile when we feel delight.

Body language is the only language that everybody speaks. It is part of our nature as human beings. Once you learn this language, you will see it everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a 3-year old girl from Sweden or a 93 year old man from Japan. Everyone — no matter their age or culture — speaks to you in this language, whether they know it or not.

Can we really read other people? Are body language signals honest?

There’s a reason why body language is reliable. A part of our brain, called the limbic system, has the ability to override or hijack the rest of the brain and control our movements to prioritize our survival. Imagine one of your ancestors meeting a hyena: If he had to rationally analyze how to survive, whether the hyena was a friendly lion and so on, he’d most likely die. The brain has a survival mechanism that compels us to act immediately — by freezing, fleeing or fighting. It has to override our rational, conscious awareness, and command us to act.

Even things that do not directly threaten our survival may still be a threat to our well-being. For example, if a stranger approaches us and we do not know his intentions, our limbic system will perceive them as a potential threat, and therefore potentially try and create some distance from them or be ready to react in some way. For example, we may turn our feet away from him so we are prepared to run or take a more steady stance, ready for action.

For these reasons, most of our body language displays are quite sincere. With conscious effort we can try to suppress some of them, but overall, the body leaks out information about its priorities.

How to improve body language and send the right signals

As you learn about body language, you will also become more aware of your own. You will begin to notice what signals you are sending to other people, and you will know how to modify them. You can improve your body language and influence how others feel about you — whether you are trying to create a captivating speech, an intimate moment or a polite and professional smile.

Body language, or nonverbal communication, is more than just how your body moves. It’s about how you dress, how you talk, what you do and how you do it. It’s your character. Great leaders and great people share this trait: They are exceptional at reading other people and at making them feel comfortable.

Get body language specialist training

There are certain businesses and professions where specialist training in body language is even more important. Professions where people deal with a lot of emotions on a daily basis will benefit greatly from increasing their awareness of body language. General, all-round body language classes are excellent for many people, but some want to go beyond that and be more specialized for their field. Different businesses and fields pose unique challenges and require different sets of abilities. At The Body Language Academy by Joe Navarro, we arrange workshops and specialized training courses tailored to your profession and your company’s needs. Contact us for more information.

Assertive body language exercises

There are many occasions where assertiveness is important. If you know you have a situation coming up where you will likely need to be assertive, we recommend first studying the essentials of assertive body language, and then practice those behaviors, possibly in front of the mirror while you make a statement related to the upcoming situation. A statement where you figuratively put your foot down and firmly say exactly what you need to say. This increases the chances that you will genuinely seem assertive when you need it to count.