Body Language Expert program – Pay over time (payment 3 out of 4)


Online training 3-6 months part time / 3 weeks full time / 100 hours
Access to 11 learning paths released over time
(with up to 30 modules in each)
125 training videos with Joe Navarro
Photo and video analysis, tests and quizzes
Free access to Joe Navarro’s best selling e-Books
Exclusive webinar with Joe Navarro
Personal reflection sections and other exclusive material
Personal mentoring by a certified Body Language Expert
Access to the Body Language Expert network
Certificate signed by Joe Navarro for completing the
Body Language Expert program



For individuals and professionals who wish to become exceptional in nonverbal communication, the Body Language Expert program has more than 100 hours of in-depth interactive learning. In addition to the Body Language Advanced coursework, this program contains intensive practical training and additional resources, including performance reviews with a personal mentor and an exclusive webinar with Joe Navarro, former FBI Special Agent, international best-selling author, and elite-level body language expert. This training program will help you grow your interpersonal skills and mastery of body language to make you an exceptional communicator. Enroll now and make a life-long investment.

Learning path overview:

Access to learning path 1+2 upon enrollment and 1st payment:
Nonverbal Basics
Limbic System

Access to learning path 3+4+5 after 2nd payment
Lower Body
Upper Body

Access to learning path 6+7+8 after 3rd payment
Truth & Lies

Access to learning path 9+10+11 after 4th payment
Interpersonal Relations
Nonverbals in Business
Emotions in the Workplace